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Recently separated from the military and enjoying being back home, I was invited to a friends house for his son’s 8th birthday/BBQ party. Pulling up to the house was a cool looking Mobile Video Gaming Trailer that had traveled quite far to surprise my friend’s son and his 20 friends. The looks on the faces of everyone, including the adults was something to remember. While the kids were enjoying the Mobile Video Gaming Trailer for 4 hours, my friend and I couldn’t stop talking about this new concept. How cool it looked, how convenient it was, the new type of party experience it offered. It literally kept the kids busy for 4 hours and was an instant hit with everyone. Instantly, my friend became my Business Partner and 6 months later, our questions became ideas and our ideas became reality. Our reality is the unwavering commitment we have to make every event the greatest and most memorable experience for everyone of all ages.